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Why Buyers’ and Sellers’ Fees Work for You

by Meghan M.M. Trimm Auction houses make their money in two ways: through buyer’s fees and seller’s fees. When an item is purchased at auction a percentage of the bid is added to the sale. This goes directly to the auction house for operations. In many cases...

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Above Water: Four Tips to Sell Your House Fast

Sponsored by Beloit Auction & Realty There are a lot of reasons why you might want to sell your house fast. Settling an estate and relocating for work are among them. Another reason is emerging as the drama of the housing bubble subsides: liberation. In the midst...

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The Move to Buying Real Estate at Auctions

By Meghan M.M. Trimm Sponsored by Beloit Auction & Realty Buying houses at auction is beginning to trend. I like to stalk the real estate market. I’m not quite ready to buy a house, but I’m close enough to want to know what’s going on. The Wall Street Journal just...

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Estate Planning – Some Points to Consider

Estate Planning – Some Points to Consider Estate planning is nothing but a fancy term for deciding what will be done with your stuff once you’re gone. While it’s scary for some people to think about death, it’s always a good idea to begin estate planning right now....

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All you need to know about storing coins

Albums, Folders, Binders, Slabbed – Which Coin Storage Method to Choose Coin collection is becoming increasingly popular, which is not surprising. It’s not just a great hobby, but can also fetch you a lot of money. And if you want to extract the maximum value from...

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How to Keep Your Coin Collection Safe

How to Keep Your Coin Collection Safe No matter what you collect, you need to keep it safe from several factors that could corrode your precious collectibles. It doesn’t just reduce the looks of your collection, but also its monetary value. When it comes to coin...

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Do You Need an Agent for Online Auction?

Do You Need an Agent for Online Auction? You don’t really need to be in a courthouse for an auction. The entire buying and selling scenario has changed and now most auctions are held online. No matter which venue is chosen for auction, the process remains the same....

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Online Auction—-Secrets Revealed

As the real estate market merges with the eBay era, house buying has become much easier. Now it’s no longer about running to various places and viewing properties, but about clicking your mouse to find the right property sitting at home. If you’re planning to buy a...

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Four Tips You Should Know Before Buying A Car at Auction

Both online and live in-person auctions are a great way of getting the car you want, and often times you can find rare cars that cannot be found anywhere else. Car auctions let you avoid dealer markups—and often you can find some of the greatest values for the money...

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Selling Land and Unique Properties

When considering selling land and unique properties it’s important to market strongly to out of area buyers. Many times, even if the adjoining neighbor is interested in the property, out of area buyers may be willing to pay more. Importantly, even if the adjoining...

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The Benefits of SELLING at Auction

We have discussed extensively on this site the advantages that buyers have in using online auctions to find great properties. However, it should not be overlooked that the auction method is also great for sellers as well. The seller of a property at auction has...

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Farmland, the Newest Real Estate Auction Wave

There’s great news for buyers and sellers in the Midwest. The recent spike in demand for Midwest farmland has attracted a lot of attention recently in the news. The spike in value of farmland has been bolstered by an increase in the price of corn per bushel, which has...

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