December 15th - Offsite School District of Beloit Auction

December 15th - Offsite School District of Beloit Auction

Register to bid ONLINE on hundreds of surplus Beloit School District food service equipment, furniture, tools and equipment, electronics, supplies, & custodial items. Lots start closing at 5:05 PM. Use the convenient Beloit Auction Service app & bid with your phone, tablet, or computer.
  •   Dec 15 @ 5:05PM CST (Start)
  •   Dec 15 @ 11:05PM CST (End)
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December 15, 2020 School District of Beloit Surplus Auction





(1811 Lee Lane - Beloit, Wisconsin)

Saturday, December 12th from 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM

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TERMS: Cash, approved check, Visa, M/C, American Express, Discover, or Debit. 15% buyer's fee (NO CASH DISCOUNT)
There is NO shipping of the items on this auction.

Payments can be made from your invoice or made at Beloit Auction Service building located at 534 W. Grand Avenue, Beloit.  If your invoice has not paid by Saturday, December 19th by 12:00 PM NOON, the credit card on file will be charged. Your invoice marked "Paid in Full" must be brought to the pickup.

Pickup at Morgan School 
Thursday, December 17th from 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM & 
Monday, December 21st from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

(If you can't make these pickup times - please don't bid)

NO SHIPPING. Bring Your Own Help and Tools...Beloit Auction will have staff for checkout only.

All items not removed revert to Beloit School District ownership.

Lot 1 through Lot 400 are located at the former Morgan Elementary School at 1811 Lee Lane, Beloit, WI. Lot 500 is located in Beloit at one of the school district's properties and its location will be given to the winning bidder. Welcome to Beloit Auction! The following terms and conditions apply to this auction. (1.) You must be registered in order to bid. (2.) All property sold “AS IS,” “WHERE IS,” and “WITH ALL FAULTS.” All property is being offered and sold in its AS IS/WHERE IS condition at the time of the auction, WITH ALL FAULTS, including any hidden defects of any nature. Neither Auctioneer nor Seller makes any representations, warranties, or guarantees whatsoever, express or implied, regarding the nature, value, source, authenticity, fitness, merchantability, and/or any other aspect or characteristics of such property. No statement anywhere, whether express or implied, including verbal statements made by Auctioneer or their staff, will be deemed a warranty or representation by the Auctioneer or Seller. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, there are no warranties of non-infringement, authenticity, origin, merchantability, or fitness for a particular purpose, all of which are expressly disclaimed. You acknowledge and agree that you cannot rely, and have not relied, on any representation, warranty, or guaranty made by Auctioneer or their staff or the Seller, or anyone acting as agent of the Seller, orally or in writing. You acknowledge and agree that you have had the opportunity to inspect any lot(s) in person. You further acknowledge and agree that any photographs or other images of lot(s) are adequate for your purposes, and that you have had a full and fair opportunity to ask questions of the Auctioneer, and to conduct any and all due diligence deemed by you to be necessary or appropriate. You acknowledge and agree that all sales are final with no refunds or returns. (3.) There is a 15% buyer’s fee added to the final sale price of all lots. Lots can be paid for with cash, approved check, Visa, M/C, American Express, Discover, or Debit. Payments must be completed online through the link embedded in your emailed invoice or in store in conjunction with your schedule pickup time. Invoices not paid by Saturday, December 19th at 12:00 PM Noon will be charged to your credit card on file. (4.) There is NO shipping on any of the items in this auction. (5.) If for any reason payment is unable to be processed with this card, your account will be suspended, and you will be blocked from bidding. To reinstate your account, full payment for your outstanding invoice and a $20 service charge must be paid by cash or debit card. (6.) All items must be paid for and picked up by 2:00 PM on the Monday following the auction. Items not picked up by Monday, December 21st by 2:00 PM will be considered forfeited. If you have questions, call before you bid on any items. (7.) Anyone caught tampering with tags, merchandise or shoplifting will be prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. (8.) Beloit Auction will not be held responsible for any inconsistencies in description announced or printed, therefore buyers are responsible for inspecting all items and deciding for themselves if the item they have seen is what they want to buy. (9.) According to Federal Uniform Commercial Code (UCC 2-238) At the closing of each auction item there is a legal binding contract for the purchase of the item. The buyer shall be responsible for safeguarding their purchased items from the public such as during the pick-up time. Beloit Auction recommends scheduling to be on site as quickly as possible to pick up your purchases. (10.) Buyers are responsible for the moving, packing, boxing, and loading of all items purchased. This means providing your own vehicle, packing materials, boxes, bags, tools, and labor/help to load your own vehicle. Beloit Auction cannot provide or insure assistance for loading of your items. (11.) Beloit Auction staff reserve the right to bid on and purchase merchandise. (12.) All our online only auctions are conducted using staggered closing times. That means every minute a select number of lots will close. The closing of an item means it is a scheduled time that bidding should end on that lot. (13.) All our online only auctions are conducted using a soft close. This means even if an item is scheduled to close at a particular time, if someone places a bid in the last two minutes, two minutes will be added to the scheduled close time for that particular lot. The time extension will continue to occur every time a bid is placed until there are at least two minutes with no additional bids. (14.) Auctioneer cannot, and will not, be held responsible for any interruption in service, errors, and/or omissions, caused by any means and does not guarantee continual, uninterrupted or error free service or use of the Site. Bidder acknowledges that this auction is conducted electronically and relies on hardware and software that may malfunction without warning. The Auctioneer, in its sole discretion, may void any sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any item/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final discretion, may void any sale, temporarily suspend bidding and re-sell any item/lots that were affected by any malfunction. The decision of the Auctioneer is final.