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by Meghan M.M. Trimm

How To Use the Beloit Auction App

Beloit Auction has launched our new bidding platform! We’re excited to host live, online, and blended auctions right from our own website. This switch doesn’t change much about how the auction works, but it does offer a suite of convenient tools for bidders, including our mobile app and push notifications. We know all this might sound tech-complicated. Read-on to find out how to get the Beloit Auction App and how to use it. We’re confident you’ll love it once you know how to use it.

Make a New Account on Your Laptop

Whether you want to bid from your computer or your mobile phone, all online customers will need to make new accounts to bid. From the Online Auctions page of the Beloit Auction website, simply click onto the auction you’re interested in and hit “Bid Now.” Once you reached the auction catalog, click the prompts to create an account or sign in.

Get the App!

You can start bidding from your phone as soon as you download and sign in. Just go to your Apple AppStore or Google Playstore and search “Beloit Auction.” Click install to download the free app.


Explore the App & Bid!

Once your Beloit Auction App is installed, tap it or hit OPEN when prompted. From here you should be able to see all the upcoming online auctions. If you have not made your account yet, you will see prompts to create a new account. If you already made your new account, you will only need to sign in once.

Once you are logged in, you will have access to bid.

See Your Items

Once you’ve placed a bid on the app, that item goes into “Your Items.” The Your Items section is a tab located at the top of the app. You can switch between Your Items (or items you’ve bid on) and All Items (the auction catalog) by clicking these tabs.

Items can be added or removed from Your Items by clicking the star icon.

Never Get Outbid

Using the app, you will be automatically receive emails when someone has outbid you, allowing you to access the app quickly and bid again.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tips coming up!


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