By Meghan M.M. Trimm
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Winter might be cold and desolate, but at the auction there is plenty of warmth and wonder. In fact, heading to the auction house might be one of the best outings you take this time of year. Instead of succumbing to seasonal depression, here are the ten reasons to hit up the auction this winter.

1.     Come in Where It’s Warm

The biting cold of winter, especially in Wisconsin, can make even polar bears want to say inside. But staying inside for months can be a drag. Professional auction houses, like Beloit Auction, offer large heated buildings where you can peruse interesting items in comfort and even enjoy a hot coffee or cocoa. Beat the stay-inside stir-crazies by getting out of the house and into an in-house auction.

2.     Three Hundred’s a Crowd, and Crowds are Fun

For the extroverts out there, winter can be a very lonely time. The usual community gathering places like parks – and even your front porch – are bitterly cold. In-house auctions offer weekly crowds of 100 plus people. Just enough to get your people-fix.

Plus, these aren’t just any crowds. Auction-goers range in age, interest, background, and more demographics, so crowds tend to be very diverse. They are also, typically, light hearted and full of friendly conversation. You just have to say, “Hi.”

3.     Out Smart the Competition

When others are tempted to stay at home, smart buyers head to the auction. Bad weather and cold days can be the best time to find great deals. Bundle up and save bunches.

4.     Off-Season Means Savings

As a year-round rule, anything off-season typically sells lower than in-season items. For example, January and February can be the perfect time to buy lawn care machines, gardening tools, patio furniture, camping gear, and more. Make a wish-list and think about what items you will need for summer. Planning ahead can help you save.

5.     Great Deals & Giveaways

Occasionally, auction houses (just like your favorite box-stores), offer deals and giveaways to get you in the door during the cold months. One example is Beloit Auction’s ‘Wear a Button Get a Cookie’ offer. During the month of December, if you wore a promotional button to the weekly auction preview day, you could get a cookie for free. From NFL game tickets to baked goods, you never know what kind of rewards are in store for loyal patrons who brave the cold.

6.     You Do You, Finally

After the stress of holiday shopping for everyone else, deep winter is a time to start thinking about you. Whether it’s a New Year’s Resolution or just time to treat yourself, you’re bound to find the items you seek at a fair price at auction.

Even small changes in habit can make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated for the year ahead. And the auction can help. For example, items like crock pots that simplify food prep can help you set up good habits, like eating oatmeal for breakfast or eating at home for dinner instead of going out. Think about your goals and what items can help you accomplish them. Then keep an eye out at the auction.

If you’re not sure what you’re seeking, you can check out the auction for inspiration and to refill your sense of wonder. Personal Property Auctions are often multitudinous (huge, with tons of items). And they are as diverse and varied as the auction goers themselves. Items in every style, color, and brand new or used condition come through the auction house on a regular basis. If you’re patient, you’ll find something that ‘clicks’ for you.

7.     Change Your Scenery, Change Your Life

Winter is a great time for indoor projects; because (let’s be frank) going outside is awful. If you’re stuck inside and in need of new scenery, utilize auction deals to change your home décor. In house weekly personal property auctions are usually chalk full of fabulous furniture, chic antiques, and interesting odds and ends. You’ll probably get a great deal while you’re at it. Take back your winter, and make your happy place in your own home.

8.     You Need A Win

It’s the simple things that make all the difference. Winter can wear you down with all the little things like shoveling, fighting with the snow blower, trekking through the cold just to do the basics like grocery shopping, bundling up so tight you can’t put your arms down, losing gloves/hats/etc. Sometimes those little things build up. That’s when you need to blow off some steam — you need a little win. Auctions can offer a pick-me-up. The fun friendly competition and the rush of endorphins after you nail the winning bid might be what the doctor ordered.

9.     Bring a Friend, They Are Just as Bored as You

The other good thing to remember about winter is that you are not suffering alone. Everyone else is as sad and snow-bound as you. That means it’s the perfect time to introduce a friend to the auction. If you’ve never been, try it together. It’s fast-paced, fun, interesting, and (if you bid) thrilling. Bond over a basket of fries from the food stand or battle it out in a bid war over great auction finds. Either way, you’re bound to have a blast, and your friend will thank you for it.

10. The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow …Or Sometime Soon, We Promise

Finally, the best thing about winter (if you don’t love flying down hills on planks of wood) is that it ends. The sun will come out, maybe not tomorrow, but it will come. Spring will slop in sooner than you think, and you will want to be ready. Don’t waste your winter moping. Own this time. Accept the challenge of getting out of the house, of changing a routine, of trying something new. That way when Spring does come, you’ll be ready to blossom too.

Auctions are gathering places. Places of warmth, of wit, of friendship, of fun, of thrifty responsibility, of metamorphosis (change), and also of new beginnings. They might be just what you need to beat the winter blues.

So, next time you’re wondering what to do with your time this winter, we hope we’ll see you at the auction!


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