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There are a lot of reasons why you might want to sell your house fast. Settling an estate and relocating for work are among them. Another reason is emerging as the drama of the housing bubble subsides: liberation. In the midst of crisis, some abandoned their homes. Some moved despite being unable to sell, and took on second mortgages. Others battened down the hatches and waited out the storm in the same place. Now, a lot of folks are ready for a change.

2014 saw about half of the homes in the US that had been underwater recover. Now, the height of the housing bubble is in the rear-view. That means a lot of Americans are breathing easier, but you may still be wondering how you recover from the housing crisis. Congratulations, you made it through the hurricane with your heart still beating. It’s 2016; home prices are looking up. Now you’re ready to move on. If you’re looking to get liberated or just flip a house, here are four tips to think about when planning to sell your house fast.

Four Tips to Sell Your House Fast

  1. Sell Your House at Auction

When you choose to sell your house at auction instead of through an agent you are opting for maximum control over the process and speed. You literally choose the day your house will sell. You don’t waste time with negotiations at closing, and you don’t have to compromise with buyers.

Auctions are so fast, because you set the details and terms at the beginning. Then the auction house spends about a month publicizing the auction day event. You sell that day. The longest you might have to wait for closing is 45 days if your buyer has financing. Simple and speedy.

2. Declutter

When surfaces are covered with stuff, they cast shadows; the whole room can feel dim, crowded, and small. One way to open up your spaces, is to make sure light can bounce around the room. Clear off and shine up your floors, countertops, tables, end tables, and other surfaces. Make sure papers and other random items are put away or thrown away. Move out furniture that hinders foot traffic. Even wrap-up your decorative knick-knacks if they block precious light.

One efficient way to declutter is to hold a personal property sale. Most likely, the same auction house you hire to do the sale of your home will do a sweep of your household items. They will even pick-up the items and bring them to the auction house to sell, so you don’t have to. You can work with your auctioneer on the details. You’ll get paid to have someone else declutter your home. It’s a win-win.

3. Fix Up What You Can Fix Up

Focus on doing what you can to get the best price. Aesthetics go a long way for buyers. Fresh paint, nice landscaping, and lighting can make thousands of dollars of difference for most people. Do the math, a $100 investment in paint can lead to $1000 shift in the mind of a buyer. That’s a 1000% return on your investment. The reason is psychological: people associate care with quality. Make that work for you by taking the time to spruce up a few things.

4. Help with Publicity

Auctions typically do a fine job publicizing their events. More customers mean more bidding, and that means higher returns. But you don’t have to leave it all to them. Many of the most valuable transactions happen just a few degrees of separation away from where they start. That’s the essence of networking.

If you put your listing out to friends, they may remember some people in their network who would be interested. Then they’ll put it out to their friends. Then their friends will see it, make the same assessment, and pass it on accordingly. You know, “I Heard it Through the Grape Vine.” It’s that same concept, and usually the takers are not far removed from you. That’s because people feel safer making decisions when the information comes from a trusted source, and the outcome benefits a friend. Everyone’s happy.

You can do this by word of mouth, or by passing out fliers to your friends, but you are probably using another system that would be faster: social media. You have a Facebook page, or you are close to someone who does. (There are one billion users on Facebook, that means 1 in 7 people in the world are on there.) Leverage your network, and make it easy for your friends to connect you with friends who want to buy your house.

See you at the auction!