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March Estate Auction

Magnificent. Extraordinary selection of antiques & vintage pieces from a Wisconsin living estate. Register to bid online now.

March Estate Auction

Auction Type:Online Auction
Start Date:Sat, Mar 212:00 AM
End Date:Wed, Mar 277:07 PM

Auction Location:534 W. Grand Ave BeloitWI 53511

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Home Improvement Products & Tools Online Auction April 3rd

Bid on new tools, equipment, & useful home products from national big box retailer - shelf pulls & discontinued items. Our auction app makes it easy for you to bid online!

Home Improvement Products & Tools Online Auction April 3rd

Auction Type:Online Auction
Start Date:Fri, Mar 229:07 AM
End Date:Wed, Apr 37:07 PM

Auction Location:534 W. Grand Ave BeloitWI 53511



Great location for this appealing, updated 4-bedroom, 4-bath brick ranch home with attached 2-car garage.


Auction Type:Online Auction
Start Date:Mon, Mar 253:25 PM
End Date:Tue, May 77:07 PM

Auction Location:1725 NORTH LODGE DRIVE BELOITWI 53511


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I really enjoy working with Rich and Pat at Beloit Auction. I have been both a buyer and seller and have been satisfied in both capacities. I enjoy the anticipation of the hunt, the excitement of the find, and the joy of the winning bid. I usually check out the web site and if I see something desirable I place an absentee bid. Billie Jo is very helpful with that . I’ve been very pleased with the auction family.

Marilynn Lyga

I never know what treasure I will find at the auction! We have purchased everything from glassware and household items, to houses at Beloit Auction. Rich, Pat and staff make the evening entertaining as well as rewarding. Bidding is easy and the auctioneers make sure you are an informed bidder.

Jeanette Hansen

We have been attending Beloit Auctions regularly for over four years and continue to be pleased with their services. We inspect the items we are interested in and estimate market value before bidding. We routinely go home with items that we are very pleased with as they typically have a diverse inventory to choose from. Although I prefer the live auctions, Beloit’s online auctions are very easy to work with. We have attended many other auctions in the Wisconsin and Illinois area and Beloit continues to be our favorite. I have read other reviews criticizing that items were sold at too high a price or sellers saying too low. This happens at every auction house. The auction house simply offers the item and if someone wants to pay more or not enough that is their decision, not the auctioneer’s. Beloit Auction has always treated us fairly and professionally. I highly recommend them.

Leo Wilken

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Why You Should Frequently Attend Estate Auctions

When someone dies, his or her loved ones are left with feelings of sorrow in addition to the responsibility of closing all the accounts and finding a place for all of the things owned by the deceased. One of the most popular ways to do this is through estate auctions....

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Be Prepared When You Attend Collectible Auctions

It seems that collecting is an interest that one is born with. Even from a young age, children are obsessed with collecting items, even if they are as simple as sticks or leaves in the backyard. As children age, they may become interested in collecting toys, stamps or...

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Estate Auctions Can Yield Amazing Finds

Estate Auctions Can Yield Amazing Finds The vast majority of us tend to think of estate auctions in terms of the family of someone who has passed on selling everything that has not been given away in a will. This is in part true and for those that are interested in...

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Be Prepared Before Shopping Wisconsin Real Estate Auctions

Most of us have at some point in time have taken part in shopping at some form of auction—whether we have gone to an estate auction for someone who has passed away or spent time on EBay trying to get a good deal on a new gadget we want. No matter what type of auction...

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Are Wisconsin Real Estate Auctions a Good Deal?

In recent years, Wisconsin real estate auctions have begun to receive a great deal of public attention. Where once they were merely a small section of local newspapers, the number of auction houses publicizing their upcoming real estate auctions online has grown...

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Questions to Ask Yourself When Estate Auction Shopping

People attend estate auctions for a variety of reasons. They can be a lot of fun, they can be a great way to find great deals on items you are interested in, and if you are lucky and shop smart, you can invest and potentially make a lot of money. No matter what your...

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