By Meghan M.M. Trimm

“Rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens,” Lincolns on vases and whiteboards for tweens, these are a few of my favorite things. From kitschy taxidermy, to fabulous art deco lamps, to Fostoria, to designer handbags, auctions have it all. That means are numerous reasons to be thankful for your local auction house during the season of Peace & Good Will. If you’re wanting to give a gift a unique gift that has a low environmental impact, your local auction house can be a real ally. Additionally, acquiring the right piece for your needs is easy and fun. To celebrate these special qualities of auctions, I thought I would share some of my favorite things that I found at the auction. I hope this list inspires you to shop creatively with your local auction.

A Few of My Favorite Things That I Found at the Auction

1.      A Giant White Board

Classroom Size White Board Sold at Auction

When Beloit Auction did a liquidation for a local college who was moving campuses, there were dozens of classroom whiteboards in the catalog. I was extremely happy to take one home.

The lower level of my house has a media room for the four tweens who live with me. Furthermore, my two year old god-son visits often. What could fill the wall of this media room that could entertain everyone from my eleven-year-olds to the two-year-old? Art, of course. This giant white board has been one of the best additions to my house holds since the dog. It has provided space for the elementary tweens to play “school” and practice math. My two middle-school tweens have been playing grammar games and analyzing their reading on the white board together. My god-son drew some scribbles. Everyone has enjoyed it.

Beyond the obvious, this board was also magnetic which makes it versatile as well. That makes this one of my favorite things that I found at the auction.

2.      Four Beautiful Dressers

When my niece and nephew, two of my tweens, moved in with me, we needed to make space fast. Thankfully there is always a selection of beautiful quality furniture on the auction. We bought new dressers for everyone to make things fit just right.

We could not have made it happen so easily without the auction. Not only that, the pieces we bought fit each kid’s personality. For example, my cowgirl first grader loved her oak, natural wood chest of drawers, while my eleven-year-old was looking for something a little more modern. We found a large contemporary dresser that she was able to chalk-paint to match her room.

3.      My Green Velvety Couch

Velvety Green Couch from the Auction

I don’t know if I have the words for how much I love green velvet. Or how dangerous four kids to have around such a lush fabric. Thankfully, upholsters know how to blend the right materials to get that velvet feel on a durable sofa. When we moved this summer into a larger home, I got the chance to shop for the couch of my dreams. I found it on the auction. A deep woody green and a durable soft velvety texture matches the dramatic music-theme décor in my living room. This couch made me and all my house-mates happy.

The fact is, auctions move a large amount of furniture in a short amount of time. If you want to get versed in vintage and contemporary design, watch the auction for a while. It only took a couple weeks for the perfect couch to come up for me.

4.      Yellow Monochromatic Wall Art

Yellow Monochromatic Wall Art from the Auction

This giant yellow monochromatic painting was a spontaneous auction find that I have never regretted. Each time I stare into this auction find, I see another animal. My imagination goes on an adventure, and it seems to affect my guests the same way. It’s a subtle and interesting conversation piece.

The power of art doesn’t need to be restated, but that fact that this 3’x5’ wall hanging came from the auction does. Art is a mainstay of the auction house catalog. This makes it a fun and easily accessible way to enrich life. You don’t have to shop at Christie’s to find what you’re looking for.

5.      The Presidents in Art Glass

The Presidents in Art Glass Bottles form the Auction

Once upon an auction I found a collection of 11 glass bottles in various colors and sheens, each with a U.S. presidents’ face embossed on it. I don’t know if it was my love of kitsch or of history that fascinated me more, but I had to have them. This silly collection sits atop my bookshelves in the media room and makes me smile and laugh at myself. I know plenty of people who collect things that make much more sense.

A couple I know collect Coca Cola décor and plan to sell their amazing collection when their kids move out. Whatever makes you smile, you’ll find pieces of it at the auction. And smiling is one of the most important actions we can take in a day.

6.      Who-Worthy Holiday Decorations

I am one of those holiday people. I love to add a piece for two the general splendor of my holiday décor. Sometimes I need to change it up. Right now, I am into vintage ornaments from the 1950’s. Last year I was into peacock feathers on my tree. The year before that I wanted pink and Grinch-green. Don’t ask; I know I have issues. But my point is, no matter what you are seeking, the auction is a great place to find what you’re looking for.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!